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Is performance in your DNA?

08.11.2017     Tin Danışmanlık tarafından     Is performance in your DNA?

Creating durable performers in sport, work and recreation is the ultimate goal for coaches, trainers and healthcare professionals.

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Who should use YBT?

08.11.2017     Tin Danışmanlık tarafından     Who should use YBT?

How do we measure and quantify a person’s motor control and functional symmetry? The Y Balance Test (YBT). YBT allows us to quarter the body – left versus right and upper versus lower body - to test how the core and each extremity function under bodyweight loads.

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Deep Squat Abduction with FMT

07.11.2017     Tin Danışmanlık tarafından     Deep Squat Abduction with FMT

Set-up: Place the point of attachments at knee height and spread the handles about the size of a door apart from each other. Then give the band a twist so that the tubing will cross in front of you. Step inside and face the point of attachment. Place the foam handles at the outside of the knees. Place your feet about shoulder width apart with toes out slightly. Cross arms across chest and maintain an upright posture.

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